Dynacord adds V600:4 multi-channel power amplifier

Dynacord has introduced the V600:4, the first member of a new amplifier line for small to mid-sized installations in education, hospitality, retail, houses of worship and more.

The four-channel power amplifier with a total power of 600 watts is for consultants, specifiers and installers who are looking for a robust, versatile amplifier that is quick to install. 

With a compact 1RU form factor requiring minimal rack space, the V600:4 offers building owners an optimal combination of professional performance and resource-efficient power consumption. All the amplifier technologies were developed by Dynacord engineering.

The V600:4 offers the user high flexibility for many applications. This is enabled by multiple power drive options using Dynacord’s patented VLD (Variable Load Drive) technology. It allows the amplifier channels to be driven in 4 ohms, 8 ohms, 70 V or 100 V without compromising the available output power.

The newly developed Dynacord powerTANK technology adds installation flexibility, working like a power reservoir for the amplifier. With direct access to the total power of 600 watts, the V600:4 can deliver asymmetric power across all channels (up to 300W per single channel) as needed. There is no waste of energy, which allows flexibility – especially when driving multiple audio zones with different power requirements. A single V600:4 can simultaneously serve as system drive for the compact loudspeakers in a small zone such as a kitchen area as well as for larger loudspeakers with up to 300 watts such as in an auditorium. Contributing to the ease of installation, this feature does not require any special configuration skills – powerTANK engages automatically. 

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