DVIGear offers 4K multiviewer switcher/scaler deal

DVIGear has announced that it is currently offering its DVI 3580a 4K multiviewer switcher/scaler with a free HDBaseT receiver.

Suited to conference rooms, auditoriums and monitoring systems, the DVI‑3580a unit can provide multiviewing of up to four signals, with seven available layouts (single, double, triple, quad 1, quad 2, quad 3, or quad 4). In Single Window Layout Mode there are no image artefacts present for seamless switching.

The unit supports user-selectable input resolutions up to 4K/60p and output resolutions up to 4K/30p. HDBaseT output supports 4K up to 40m (130ft) and 1080p up to 70m (230ft).

The DVI 3580a offers four HDMI, two DisplayPort, and one VGA input, alongside a HDMI and an HDBaseT output (with PoH support). Operators can also preset, learn, and upload and download EDID.

DVIGear are offering the deal until December 31, 2016.

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