DVIGear expands switchers and scalers with DVI-3571a

DVIGear has expanded its line of switching and scaling products with the DVI-3571a universal presentation switcher/scaler.

The unit is designed for use in conference rooms, training facilities, classrooms, auditoriums and other presentation applications.

It has a number of Input / Output connections that support popular AV input signal formats, as well as providing multiple outputs with user-selectable resolutions.

The DVI-3571a accepts up to eight video inputs: three HDMI (or DVI), three RGB Analog (VGA), one Component Video and one Composite Video.

Each input supports a range of signal formats and resolutions. The selected input signal is routed simultaneously to two HDMI outputs and one RGB Analog (VGA) output for downstream display and/or processing. Two scaling engines provide user-selectable output resolutions up to 1080p and 1920x1200.

The product supports audio features such as HDMI audio embedding and de-embedding, as well as lip sync correction up to 150 ms.

It includes a variety of control features including Ethernet, RS232, IR Remote and front panel selection. The unit can be integrated into a network using the Ethernet port and controlled via the built-in web browser GUI.

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