DVDO Releases Full Range of ProAV Infrastructure Devices

DVDO, on the heels of recent launches of smart cameras and “AV-in-a-box” room solutions, announced today that its full lineup of commercial-grade ProAV connectivity tools are now shipping. Enabling AV installers, IT managers, and smart home enthusiasts lay the groundwork for sophisticated audiovisual automation, DVDO Keyboard / Video / Mouse (KVM) and HDMI switches, splitters, matrix multiplexers, and extenders facilitate state-of-the-art audiovisual installations in a wide range of venues.

“Our latest launches provide industrial-grade reliability and robust versatility for fixed installations,” said DVDO CEO Doug Fealtman. “These AV connectivity solutions customize digital collaboration, learning, and entertainment as audiovisual communication becomes more important at home, school, and work.”

Spearheading DVDO’s new releases are KVM and HDMI switches, splitters, and matrix multiplexers that enable single operators to control multiple PCs, distribute a single content source to multiple AV outputs, or route multiple sources to single or multiple outputs.

Offering universal cross-platform plug-and-play compatibility, DVDO KVM switches are ideal for multitasking workstations in intensive applications such as finance or video editing where a single user operates multiple devices and operating systems. Available in multiple configurations including long-distance control up to 120m / 395ft, DVDO KVM switches are equally suitable for server farms and control rooms in corporate, government, education, and communications / media vertical markets.

Likewise, DVDO HDMI splitters, switches, and matrix multiplexers simplify dexterous routing of single or multiple content sources to single or multiple displays and audio subsystems, providing intuitive command over any combination of audiovisual content and outputs for public address, information display, advertising, and entertainment use.

In addition, DVDO HDMI and USB extenders employ the worldwide HDBaseT standard to deliver control and communication up to 100m / 330’ across classrooms, meeting rooms, and large venues via a single Ethernet cable run. Fully compliant with HDMI 2.0, USB 2.0, and HDCP 2.2 these extenders provide universally compatibility, absolute reliability, and completely security for high-performance 4K / 7.1 surround audiovisual installations in Houses of Worship, auditoriums, and enterprise as well as high-end residential applications.

Putting the finishing touches on thoroughly modern AV setups, DVDO audio extraction and control automation accessories allow professional customization and control automation, separating audio for independent processing / amplification and incorporating CEC, IR, and RS232 serial controls for coordinated power on/off and projection screen deployment.

DVDO ProAV infrastructure solutions universally support a diverse variety of source and output devices and come in a wide range of transmission distances and port configurations. DVDO KVM/HDMI switches, splitters, matrices, extenders, and accessories are available from the company’s website and through distributors and Pro-AV resellers. For more information visit the new dvdo.com website, call +1 408-213-6680, or email sales@dvdo.com

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