Duran Audio upgrades DDA software

Duran Audio will use ISE as a launch pad for the latest version of its Digital Directivity Analysis (DDA) software. Version 3 introduces ‘Materials’ that allows reverberation time (RT) to be calculated from the defined materials within the model, rather than having to enter the RT for a room manually.

Users can choose to define which material is associated to each of the planes within the model. These materials can either be created by the user and stored in their DDA Material library or the user could choose to use one of the existing defaults within DDA. When importing models from CATT Acoustic (using the .CAD format) the absorption co-efficient for the materials are automatically imported into the DDA geometry.

In addition to this DDA V3 also supports the more conventional AXYS ScopeG2 and SourceG2 products; meaning that systems which may have a combination of steerable arrays and conventional loudspeakers can now be modelled within the one environment.

The visual output of DDA has been enhanced with the introduction of more realistic loudspeaker rendering andith the ability to colour planes depending upon their material. The added ability to adjust the lighting also helps to enhance these visuals further.

Once system designers are satisfied with their design and the investigation that they have carried out within the DDA environment they can then choose to export their loudspeaker directivity data to CATT Acoustic, Odeon or EASE for further investigation.

DDA V3 will be available to new and existing users from February 1, 2010 via download from the Duran Audio website.

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