Duran Audio shows new interface at PLASA

Duran Audio has released the Optocore DM1 interface, designed to provide SANE connectivity to powered Duran Audio loudspeakers for integration into synchronous, low latency, redundant Optocore and SANE networks.

Offering a non-proprietary open standard transport platform SANE is a fully synchronous CAT5 network solution for streaming and transmitting data in real time.

In addition to the synchronous, low latency digital audio distribution, DM1-TP also provides the Intellivox range with all the other benefits of SANE, including 100 Mb/s Ethernet audio distribution, dual-redundant ring connections, and interfacing to Optocore FX and TP devices.

The new interface module can be mounted in the AXYS Intellivox DC/DS 115, DC/DS 180 and DC/DS 280.

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