DTEN Mate now available with PoE

DTEN has announced a PoE version of DTEN Mate. The Ethernet-enabled DTEN Mate (PoE) joins its wireless counterpart as a secure controller, compatible with any manufacturer’s certified Zoom Rooms device.

Both versions of DTEN Mate can serve as Zoom Rooms Controller (ZRC) and Zoom Rooms Scheduler (ZRS).

Both PoE and Wi-Fi versions offer systems for managing meetings through Zoom Rooms Controller (ZRC). With a single tap of the 10-in LED screen, users can launch meetings, admit participants, browse meeting schedules, adjust camera and microphone settings, and more.

In addition, DTEN Mate may also be used as Zoom Rooms Scheduler (ZRS) to reserve meeting rooms, allow users to check availability and book meeting spaces. Hardware to wall-mount the device is included in the box. 

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