Draper adds 21:9 screens to meet demand for Microsoft Teams Front Row

To meet the growing demand for Front Row in Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) Draper has announced several standard screen sizes with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

They are available on Acumen V, Acumen V XL, Access V, Access XL V, Ultimate Access V, Ultimate Access XL V, Premier, and Premier XL electric screens. They have also been added to the Profile Plus framed screen.

“21:9 has exciting potential beyond a desktop setup, allowing more immersive experiences in much larger sizes,” said Steve Cook, consultant relations manager for Draper. “Projection is an affordable way to make a larger image in Microsoft Teams Rooms and other applications. 4K-UHD projectors provide the best viewing experience with 21:9 screens. Their vertical resolution of 2160 is higher than High Definition 1080p, or WUXGA projectors.”

Draper can manufacture any size and format of electric or fixed frame screen. While the company makes every screen to order, popular standard sizes are also available.

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