DPI brightens up with E-Vision

Digital Projection International (DPI) has announced the E-Vision series to complement its high-brightness projector line.

The E-Vision WXGA 600, is the first display in the new series and uses Texas Instruments’ DLP technology. The product boasts numerous lens options, user swappable colour wheels, advanced colour controls and 6,000 lumens.

It weighs 20kg and is a dual-lamp projector. Furthermore, it is built robustly and claimed to offer ultra-quiet operation. The company says it is suitable for, lecture halls, conference venues, houses of worship, corporate auditoriums and boardrooms and digital signage.

The E-Vision WXGA 600 has a flexible throw ratio range of .77:1 – 8.3:1. Two swappable colour wheels, included with the projector, allow the integrator or the end user to install the colour wheel that provides the best balance of lumens and colour depth to complement their application objectives and venue lighting conditions.