DPA to unveil new microphone range at ISE 2020

DPA will unveil a new range of microphones at the show, including a new binaural headset microphone, vocal microphone and a supercardioid choir mic in addition to new colour options for the 6000 series of subminiature microphones.

New colour options

New colour options for the 6000 series of subminiature microphones will be available, designed to resemble the wearer’s skin tone and clothing. The 6000 and 6061 lavalier microphones will be shown in black, brown, white and beige colour options. The 6000 series measure three millimetres in diameter, including DPA’s CORE amplification technology.

6066 subminiature headset microphone
The 6066 subminiature headset microphone will also be debuted in a brown colour option, with white, black and beige models being displayed.

4560 CORE binaural headset microphone
DPA will also exhibit its new 4560 CORE binaural headset microphone, designed for content creators aiming to capture immersive audio. A pair of 4060 CORE miniature microphones are mounted on two ear hooks, sitting outside the user’s ear canal to capture sound heard by the user in order to create immersive sound. 

The 4560 CORE can be integrated with recording equipment such as the MMA-A digital audio interface, able to be connected to Ios devices to give mobile users a binaural sound experience. 

DPA 4560

2028 vocal microphone
The new 2028 vocal microphone will also be displayed, available in three variants including a wired XLR handle and two wireless configurations. 

All new models include a new fixed-position capsule, a specially-designed shock mount and pop filter in addition to detachable inner and outer grilles that can be removed and rinsed. 

DPA 2028

4097 CORE supercardioid choir microphone
The 4097 CORE supercardioid choir microphone will be shown, featuring the same sonic performance as the DPA 4098 supercardioid microphone. A flat off-axis cardioid pattern and high grain-before-feedback is featured, allowing for multiple mics to be used without uneven mic-pattern pick up. 

The 4097 choir mic can be configured with a MicroDot connector and a DPA adaptor for wired or wireless applications, allowing users to go wireless for increased flexibility on stage. 

Three shock mounts are also included to secure the rumble caused by movement on stage. 

DPA 4097 Core

ISE 2020 will run from 11 February-14 February 2020 at the RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

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