DPA to showcase Microphone Base

DPA Microphones is targeting architects, AV consultants, system integrators and installing electricians with its ISE 2017 showcase on stand 7-T235.

The company will show its Microphone Base for the first time. The product is designed for use with the d:screet SC4098 Podium Microphone and can be placed on a table or podium or attached to a ceiling or a wall. It has an internal shock mount and is available in two colours - black and white. The unit comes with a MicroDot connector, an XLR connector or unterminated leads for connections to Phoenix blocks. The d:screet capsule is mounted on a boom that, for the tabletop version, has a gooseneck at the top and the bottom. The ceiling version consists of a one piece gooseneck. In both versions, the cable can exit to the side of, or beneath, the unit.

DPA has assembled a range of kits, each containing a different connector. Customers can also buy the microphone base and microphone separately.

The company will work with its distributor Amptec to showcase the product and hold demo sessions. 

DPA will also demonstrate the d:screet SC4098 Podium Microphone, which features a directional (supercardioid) polar pattern. 

The d:screet SC4098 capsule is mounted on a gooseneck and comes in several lengths for hanging, table or podium mounting or on floor stands. It comes with an XLR for a wired solution but also as a MicroDot version that can be used in a wireless configuration with an adapter.

DPA will also show d:dicate Podium Microphones that incorporate modular capsules from DPA's d:dicate Recording Microphones in a range of configurations, including floor standing and hanging from the ceiling.

Also on show will be the d:screet BLM4060 Boundary Layer Microphone, which is suiable for use in boardrooms and conference facilities or for teleconferencing. The microphone consists of a central rubber disc that holds the mic element mounted in a stainless steel base. It is designed for tabletop use.

DPA's range of bodyworn microphones will be on show at ISE 2017. These include d:screet Miniature Microphones that are available as a traditional lavalier or as a necklace. The mic houses a d:screet 4060 Omnidirectional Miniature Capsule in a soft rubber necklace. 

Also on show will be the company's range of d:fine Headset Microphones that are suitable for conference speakers and adjudicators who want to keep their hands free while they are presenting and talking. They are available in directional and omnidirectional options, in single or dual-ear designs, plus various colours.

The d:facto Vocal Microphone will also be showcased. The vocal mic is based on a modular design.

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