Doremi ups speed of CineAsset software

Doremi claims its CineAsset software has achieved processing speeds that make it quicker and easier for the use of video material in big screen presentations.

CineAsset converts, transfers and prepares 2D and 3D video material for exhibition on the big screen. Operating on Windows XP Professional or Mac OS X platforms, it converts video files to JPEG2000-compressed images within an MXF file wrapper. These unencrypted DCI-compliant files can then be played on the Doremi DCP-2000 and DCP-2K4 digital cinema players, the DSV-J2 large screen venue player and the new ShowVault.

Two versions of the mastering software are available, CineAsset and CineAsset-Pro. CineAsset-Pro is an enhanced edition that supports multi-thread processing to achieve high-speed conversions. Working with 16-bit TIFF 2K 2.39 aspect ratio (2048 x 857) input material it achieved a conversion rate to JPEG2000 of five frames per second. This was when working from its internal disc however, using faster storage achieved results at six frames per second. Such speeds, representing as much as a quarter of real-time speed, underscore the value of CineAsset, and especially the Pro version, for delivering widely used video formats as a part of digital cinema programmes.

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