Document camera combined with presentation PC

Described as flexible, versatile and easy to operate, Samsung’s UF-139DX document camera has been combined with a Windows-PC to boost functionality. The camera allows the viewing of items such as documents, objects, books, slides and radiographs on large-scale displays. The integrated Windows-PC can open Office-files, videos and internet pages.

In camera mode the high resolution HD video camera, with 1280 x 720p at 30 images per second, provides detailed and bucking-free images. The pivoting LED-lamp well illuminates the templates and the 14 x optical zoom shows small details. In the PC mode the Presentation Station becomes a presentation PC. Mouse and keypad can be connected via USB.

The PC has an internal memory chip where presentation files can be stored over the network interface or USB stick. Documents and presentations can be opened directly out of the USB stick.

To give a multimedia-based presentation, the speaker can show the PC picture and the camera picture at the same time. Two picture outputs also allow the presentation station to supply two monitors or projectors, namely the PC picture and the camera picture apart from each other.

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