Dnp’s Supernova One 2.0 goes slimline on the frame

Dnp denmark has released a slim-frame version of its Supernova One ambient light rejecting (ALR) projection screen.

The manufacturer says the Supernova One 2.0 is suited to use in meeting rooms, portrait digital displays, airports, museums and retail environments.

Supernova One 2.0 comes with a 20mm or 30mm frame (in flock-version) that is up to 66% narrower than the original screen. The dnp Supernova One has a new fire-retardant alu-panel to make the rigid screen compliant with the ASTM E 84 CLASS B fire rating. 

It is available with SN 23-23 or ISF certified SN 08-85 screen materials in five standard sizes: 100-in and 110-in in 16:10;  100-in, 110-in and 120-in in 16:9. It comes with two standard frame options: Silver Alu (30mm including 10mm masking frame) and Black Sand (20mm, no masking frame).

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