dnp launches AV furniture for 100-in displays at InfoComm 2017

dnp denmark has teamed up with Danish furniture designers, clic, to create a line of AV furniture called dnp LaserPanel Business. This move brings the company a step closer to its ambition of becoming a complete solution provider.

The dnp LaserPanel Business range offers a manual version of the dnp LaserPanel Executive range, a trio of high-end, motorised projector cabinet solutions. The two systems have many similarities. They both incorporate dnp’s 100-in LaserPanel display, they have the same design and finishes, and are both available in three pre-configured versions: Basic, Classic and Plus.

The key difference is that dnp LaserPanel Business has a manually, as opposed to an automatically-operated projector drawer, which reduces manufacturing costs and enables a lower price point. To ensure ease of use, the new units feature a “push-spring-opening” that opens the projector drawer smoothly after it has been pressed in.

The dnp LaserPanel Business range was developed in cooperation with Danish design company clic as part of their unnu product line.
The LaserPanel Business bundles are designed for mid-sized meeting rooms with 10-16 seats.  Companies who prefer a fully automated projector cabinet can still select a unit from dnp’s premium range, LaserPanel Executive.

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