Dnp expands screen range for short throw applications

Dnp will expand its Short Throw Screens with three models that are designed to enhance image contrast in brightly lit rooms by rejecting ambient light.

Based on circular Fresnel technology, the Supernova STS Screen is designed to optimise the image for standard viewing angles.

The new Supernova STW Screen incorporates a Black/White lenticular lens structure that absorbs incident light from above and has a horizontal half gain of 85-degrees.

For the optical filter to work properly, the projector should be mounted below the screen. This model is available in sizes up to 110-in in 16:9. Supernova STE Screen incorporates dnp’s Black/White lenticular technology and is available in sizes up to 181-in in 32:10 and up to 231-in in 46:10 format.

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