D'n'A Cable Range to be launched by Canford

A new range of audio cables optimised for both analogue and digital use is being launched by Canford at IBC and PLASA.

The new D'n'A cable range (Digital and Analogue) has been redesigned to provide a true 100ohm impedance making the cables perfect for digital as well as analogue signals. An impedance of 100 ohms has been proven to be an optimal impedance for AES/EBU digital audio signals as well as analogue microphone and line level signals. Many of the cables come in Low Fire Hazard (LFH) versions.
The cables that comprise the new range include the FSM multicores from two pair right through to 32 pair versions and all come in standard and Low Fire Hazard (LFH) versions. The FSJ (Foil Screened Individually Jacketed) range of multicores cables from four pair to 24 pair, also come in the new design. The FST range, FST-F, the flexible version, FST-HD and FST-HD-LFH, the Heavy Duty versions and FST-M the miniature versions are all part of the D'n'A range too along with their KST and KST-M cables.

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