dmb unveils m2m system for integrators

dmb systems Digital Media and Broadcast has introduced cAVc-Gateway, a machine-to-machine system (m2m) designed for integrators.

The cAVc-Gateway enables a remote access to any AV-devices (targets) that are involved in an Ethernet network and is designed to make work easier for system integrators and their clients.

Authentication is encrypted and will be done on mobile communications (LTE, HSPA, GPRS), and works together with the dmb cAVc-portal and the cAVc-hub.

Within this mobile communication a certificate exchange takes place. AV equipment can be accessed via various interfaces without a critical VPN.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Web interface and Telnet as well as proprietary tools can be used as interfaces.

Serial interfaces RS485, RS422, RS232 and fiber optic connections are available. The SIM-card may be plugged-in or soldered.

The power supply can be realized with an AC adapter or via a central power supply in the range of 9-27V DC.

With the all-IP solution the Gateway is accessed in near real time. In the event that it is no longer available, a notification will be sent as SMS or E-mail automatically. The gateway handles the communication both for the dmb-Hub and to the targets installed in the network.

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