DisplayNote’s videocall launcher integrated with Magewell devices

DisplayNote has joined forces with Magewell to combine DisplayNote’s easy launch for videocalls with Magewell’s AV signal capture capabilities.

DisplayNote’s Launcher supports most popular video conferencing tools. Magewell's USB Capture Gen 2 devices let users bring HDMI or SDI video signals into Zoom, Skype, Teams, GoToMeeting and other popular conferencing software.

The integration of Launcher with Magewell devices allows any user to take full advantage of the joint solution and enjoy a feature rich hybrid meeting experience.

With DisplayNote Launcher installed, users of hybrid meeting spaces can access the full range of video conferencing platforms used by their organisation clients and start or join meetings and calls with one touch. From the Launcher home screen, the user can then select an external source and use that within the Teams or Zoom call for example. At the end of the call, the Automatic Cleanup feature clears the user's footprint by removing any sign-in information and clearing any browsing history.

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