DisplayNote launches Omni meeting room software

DisplayNote has launched Omni, a meeting room software application.  Omni enabled users to wirelessly host conference calls from their own laptop, while using the room's displays, cameras, microphones, and speakers.

By integrating Omni, these devices become the go-to choice, resulting in effortless meetings and increased participant engagement.  

Omni operates like a virtual USB cable: it searches the local network for enabled devices to connect to, whether display, camera or microphone. Once connected, the user can utilise the room’s AV hardware from their own laptop. And what’s on the laptop screen is on the large meeting room display – everyone can see it - so no more huddles around a single laptop.

This cuts out the pre-meeting fuss over which of the (often many) cables to plug in and eliminates the fretful start regularly experienced at the start of virtual calls and meetings.  

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