Displax announces Displax Tag - Active OR for touchscreens

Displax has announced its latest product for object detection on touchscreens,  Displax Tag - Active OR.

It is a combo of hardware and middleware, which enables interactive systems developers to integrate and deliver Object Recognition (OR) interactive experiences.

Beside the common features of all typical OR tags, it delivers features that actually give the user feedback:

- Visual feedback (RGB LED ring light)
- Haptics (vibration motor)
- Tap detection
- In-range and in-contact reporting
- Joystick mode (to enable the usage of a tag away from the screen)

Displax Tag - Active OR allows users to have up to 6 tags working simultaneously and up to 84 different IDs, so users can freely switch tags on the table without any extra configuration.

A wireless charger allows a quick placing of the tag on top of the charger to get it fully charged. This wireless charger can also be integrated on the table itself for a more premium look of the table.

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