Displax and Synaptics collaborate to power large multitouch displays

Displax has joined forces with Synaptics to develop new large area touch technologies and a digital marker pen that does not require battery power.

The multitouch projected capacitive foils manufacturer says its new Mesh and Sense technologies enable OEMs and ODMs to create more cost-effective 24-in to 98-in touchscreens. Mesh and Sense are based on a combination of Displax’s technology and experience in the ultra-large projected capacitive market, and Synaptics touch controllers. Applications include interactive whiteboards, self-service kiosks, self-ordering kiosks, and interactive mirrors.

Mesh and Sense are compatible with major operating systems including MS Windows, Android, Apple, and Linux. They support 10, 20, and 40 simultaneous finger touch, with 8 ms response time.

At the core of the products is a touch controller that uses high-volume integrated circuits from Synaptics combined with Displax touch architecture.

Displax hopes its Marker will replace felt markers. Displax Markers do not require any form of battery and are Microsoft Windows Ink compatible. Available in black and red, they work like an active pen. The core technology is built on Synaptics touch controller family of products, including its active pen technology.

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