Displax and Interactive Scape in collaboration

Interactive Scape and Displax are to work together to provide products for large-scale multitouch screens and surfaces.

The collaboration will advance the combination of touch displays and object recognition, creating experiences for areas such as retail, museums, exhibitions, and many others.

Hauke Helmer, CEO and founder of Interactive Scape, says: “The performance of the sensors has enabled us to further develop our AI-based object recognition technology, which worked almost immediately with the new sensors.”  

Miguel Fonseca, CEO of Displax, “Our partnership with Interactive Scape has really shown how flexible and adaptable Displax is. Interactive Scape moved from 3MTouch to Displax because it is an easy, reliable transition and guaranteed top performance."

The collaboration between these two companies allows for a fast and precise response on ultra large touch displays. The result of this joint effort is reflected in larger sizes such as 43-in, 55-in, 65-in, 75-in, 85-in and 86-in.

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