disguise’s r20 software now available in six new languages

disguise, the provider of a platform that enables visual experiences, has launched its latest r20 software release in six new languages.

In addition to English, disguise’s Designer software is now available for use in Spanish, German, French, Korean, Japanese and Simplified Chinese, expanding the reach of its platform around the globe.

The localisation represents the next step in the company’s move towards remote, cloud-based collaboration following its recent acquisition of leading 3D content previsualisation platforms Mapping Matter and Previz.

Upon downloading the new r20 release from the disguise website, users will be able to control which language they want to work in by selecting their preferred language in the language switcher as they launch the software.

Users will also have the opportunity to undergo training in their local language to become certified disguise specialists, with access to translated training materials and user manuals in the above six languages. 

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