disguise launches r22 scaling software

disguise has launched its r22 software, designed to scale disguise-powered projects through automated media distribution and spatial calibration.

The software introduces features designed to improve content resolution, production set-ups and media file management.

An intelligent media distribution feature is built-in to automate the media file distribution process, maximising on server space by synchronising and distributing the media files within the video layers that are needed across each disguise server.

A single large canvas is included to combine multiple video fragments into a single view output when used alongside multiple projectors, creating a single canvas that can be used for live event projections and immersive installations without limiting the overall resolution of the video.

Support for disguise’s RenderStream infrastructure is also provided, enabling bi-directional data transfer between disguise and third-party render engines with support for the integration of TouchDesigner. This integration can be used to create real-time, 3D scenes developed in TouchDesigner pushed into the disguise software to be built into the final project.

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