disguise launches r17.3 software

disguise has unveiled its r17.3 software, providing indirections, multi-layer editing, object assignment hotkeys, crossfaded loop section mode and new improvements and bug fixes.

The software’s new indirections feature allows users to change keyframe objects such as mappings, video clips, textures and configurations remotely via third-party protocols such as OSC, DMX or a dedicated API. 

A multi-layer editing feature is included, with the ability to assign common parameter values across layers, select multiple layers and keyframe values to layers and allowing users to respond to feedback. 

Object assignment hotkeys are also included to allow users to tailor workflows by assigning custom keyboard shortcuts for supported objects.

A reference point manager has been added to allow users to view projector calibration points in a list format, with r17.3 including a crossfaded loop section mode deciding how media will loop in the moment, crossfade from the end of the section the beginning or jump to a specified place in the track for a take without having to play an entire clip. 

Other additions include the NDI SDK updating to version 4.5, the addition of an alt-drag in the feed mapping editor and more. 

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