DIS reveals camera control solution

DIS’s newest addition to the DCS6000 Digital Conference System is the CP7801 camera control package.

Product highlights include the ability to control it wirelessly via a via an iPod Touch or iPhone, compatibility with the DIS SW6000, DIS ECA Application or the DIS CU 6005/11 via an RS232 connection.
The device can control up to four cameras using the universal Visca protocol and supports Extron seamless and simple switchers.
The new control wireless Camera Control Package consists of a controller, a wireless
router and an iPod Touch user Interface. The controller and wireless router both come
with the pre-installed DIS SW7810 camera control software.
The package enables simultaneous control of up to four cameras and may be used with or
without the unique DIS SW6000 software. When multiple cameras presets are needed this can be setup, managed and stored for each seat, with a total capacity up to 400 seats.

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