DIS introduces camera control package

DIS has introduced a camera control package for implementation to the DCS6000 Digital Conference System.

The package consists of a camera controller, a wireless router and an iPad. The camera controller is, as the previous CP7801, preloaded with an algorithm for mowing up to four cameras supported by the Visca protocol.

The new iPad feature is preloaded with a camera control application that allows the user to pre-set up to 400 seats per camera. It is also possible to assign delegate names to the seats. Video feedback makes it possible to pre-set camera positions walking around a meeting area, using the wireless iPad.

A camera controller controls the cameras as well as an optional video switcher. When a microphone turns on, the controller moves the first available camera to the specific seat. It is possible to set a delay before the camera switches to an active seat, to avoid pictures of camera movement.

It is also possible to specify how many microphones can be opened before the camera controller switches to an overview picture

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