DirectOut debuts new audio products

DirectOut has unveiled a range of products during its DirectOut Insider online event, highlighting the EXBOX.RAV audio to IP converter and its new audio network modules.

The EXBOX.RAV runs on DirectOut’s Ravenna network and supports NMOS for stream discovery (IS-04) and IS-05 connection management. Four gigabit ports are included, alongside an internal switch, PoE and three MADI ports in BNC, SC and SFP format for bidirectional conversion and routing of 64 audio channels.

The converter includes FastSRC and EARS for automatic switchover at audio signal level as well as redundancy on network level via ST 2022-7 compliance.

Audio network modules

DirectOut launched two new audio network modules for its Prodigy series, the Dante.SRC.IO with Dante support and RAV.SRC.IO for Ravenna, equipped with FPGA-based SRCs.

Both models allow for independent operation between the modules and the Prodigy mainframe, moving from the configured reference clock of the device.

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