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The Titan Super Quad claims to be the smallest, quietest, lightest and brightest precision-engineered projector in its class with multiple lens options making the platform very versatile. Menno Iping from Beambrothers puts the new projector to the test.

The new Titan series provides us with an unlimited range of applications. Due to the wide range of available options like brightness, lenses, resolution and stacking solutions together with its compact size, the Titan is the most preferred rental and installation projector to our company.

In the end it’s the whole package that sells the product. Our expertise, the short lines with the factory in England and of course the large colour gamut and brightness of the projection. When asked, we are anything but scared to do a shoot out with any other brand. In this way we can display the supremacy of this projector. We were able to win several clients this way. To see is to believe. Previously we had to use additional equipment to warp, but now with the standard built in low latency warp, 3G SDI input and optional 3D this projector is everything we can ask for in a high end unit.

With the introduction of the new Titan series there is really nothing we can think of that needs much improvement. A couple of years ago clients in general took you seriously when showing up with huge flight cases and massive projectors. Nowadays we can achieve the same and more with only a third of the weight and half the size!

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