Digital Projection launches Titan Super Quad 20k projector

Digital Projection has announced the launch of its latest addition to its Titan projector range – the Titan Super Quad.

Delivering a 20,000 Lumens output the Titan Super Quad offers the best performance on the market today in every significant area. The company makes some bold claims about the device saying that it is considerable smaller, lighter and quieter than comparable devices.

Multinode warp and edge blend, with multiple channel memories and black level uplift are included. Fully active 3D is supported via HDMI 1.4. Dual DVI inputs and 3G-SDI offer high speed video delivery. An intelligent lens mount offers image positioning memories across the whole lens range from 0.67-11.2:1.

For the rigours of Stage and Rental, the Titan Super Quad fits the 5 Axis RapidRig mounting frame, which includes accurate pitch, roll and yaw adjustments, allowing each projector to be quickly and efficiently installed.

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