Digital Projection launches 3-Chip 4K LED Projector

Digital Projection has announced the launch of its 4K, 3-Chip LED projector.

Delivering a 2,000 Lumen output, the INSIGHT 4K LED boasts 60,000+ hours of stable solid-state illumination with a full 4K (4096 × 2160) resolution. The use of LED’s as a light source provides a virtually maintenance-free projector that never requires a lamp replacement.

The Insight 4K LED has full 4K 3D capability and utilises Display Port 1.2 to deliver up to 60fps 4096 x 2160 pixels sequential input via single cable, or Dual Pipe input capability with 2 x Display Port 1.2 cables.

The addition of ColorMaxTM technology allows for accurate colour replication across a blended area. The first European showing of this projector will be at ISE 2015.

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