Digital Projection introduces three new dVision LED projectors

Digital Projection International has announced three new LED-based “Lifetime Illumination” DLP projectors.

DPI’s new dVision 30-1080p LED, dVision 30-WUXGA LED and dVision 35-WQXGA LED displays present three solutions for critical 24/7 projection applications, as well as any application needing long-life projection systems with good colour saturation, lumen maintenance and colour stability.

As DPI’s LED-based displays do not contain traditional lamps, all three dVision series projectors deliver long-term cost of ownership benefits including lower overall maintenance and over 100,000 hours of LED illumination life.?

Suitable for both commercial and residential venues, dVision projectors are quiet, elegantly designed and offer a diversity of system capabilities that support nearly any application.Installation flexibility is helped by an array of ultra-accurate optics, which provide throw ratios as short as .75:1 and as long as 6.5:1. Furthermore, the dVision’s quick-change motorized lens mount provides an extensive range of horizontal and vertical lens shift, allowing the projectors to be placed in a wide variety of locations in relation to the screen.

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