Digital Projection announces high brightness platform

Digital Projection International has announced an expansion of its E-Vision series--the newest platform in DPI’s high-brightness, high-value projection line.

DPI’s new E-Vision WUXGA-8000 introduces features such as integrated image Warp & Blend and Lens Memory to the E-Vision series. The new models also deliver higher brightness capabilities, as well as higher resolution.

The company says that its new E-Vision WUXGA-8000 delivers an affordable commercial projector solution with advanced capabilities typically reserved for more precision-oriented displays.

Producing up to 8,000 lumens while weighing in at under 53 lbs., the dual-lamp E-Vision WUXGA-8000 employs Texas Instruments’ 1920 x 1200 dark metal DLP™ technology. Robustly built and ultra-quiet, the E-Vision WUXGA-8000 is a solution for lecture halls, conference venues, houses of worship, corporate auditoriums and boardrooms.

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