Digital Projection and VIOSO add blending and warping

Digital Projection has announced a partnership with software provider, VIOSO to provide a co-branded blending and warping solution with the purchase of any projector in the Digital Projection range.

The software, named VIOSO Anyblend, will enable flexibility for system integrators using projectors from the Digital Projection range. Vioso Anyblend will ensure a quick and easy set up as well as a one-stop-shop for all automated blending needs.

The co-branded VIOSO offering from Digital Projection is optimised for Digital Projection projectors and contains advanced features previously available solely with the VIOSO Virtual Reality & SIM edition.

Features include the ability for data to exported to tools such as AV Stumpfl Wings, MPCDI, 3D data, so warping & calibration data can be used in different ways.

Additional support for 4K-warping, e.g. multi-channel, 4K-lens full dome support and support for fisheye lenses is also available.

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