Digital Projection and Mechdyne to demonstrate MultiView 3D projector at InfoComm 2019

Digital Projection and Mechdyne will demonstrate Digital Projection’s Insight 4K HFR 360 projector, allowing users to view native 4K-3D content while interacting and collaborating in a shared virtual environment.

The projector can be matched with headtracking technology, allowing users to see content from a unique perspective, remaining appropriate to the user’s changing position for collaborative content sharing.

The Insight 4K HFR 360 is capable of rendering three independent native 4K-3D viewing perspectives, with the addition of a second unit able to increase the amount of VR viewers to six.

The projector presents stereoscopic 3D images by presenting separate images for the right eye and left eye perspectives in an alternating sequence at 360 frames per second.

The Insight 4K HFR 360 generates native 4K resolution content for 6 individual eyepoints, left eye and right eye for three individual viewers.

Mechdyne’s integration of sensors and software allows the system to track each user down to six degrees of freedom, utilising active 3D glasses that can switch between black and transmissive states in approximately 200ups.

InfoComm 2019 will run at the Orange County Convention & Visitors Centre in Orlando, Florida from 12 June – 14 June 2019. 


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