Digital Projection adds two installation models

Digital Projection has expanded its E-Vision series with 2 new models aimed at the installation market.

The E-Vision 4500 offers 4,000 lumens in both 1080 and WUXGA resolution. It is a single-chip DLP projector aimed at usage in museums and visitor attractions, corporate boardrooms, and digital signage.

Engineered for ceiling-mounted professional applications, both E-Vision 4500 displays are housed in a white plastic cabinet. The projectors weigh 8.6kg.

The E-Vision 6500 offers 7000 lumens and comes in WXGA and XGA resolutions. It offers the lens options, user swappable colour wheels and colour controls
of the other models in the E-Vision range.

It also has lenses ranging from 0.8 – 8.74:1.

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