Digital network amplifier

To meet the demands of fixed installations, K&F has designed the TOPAS, a 2-channel system power amplifier with an intelligent K&F remote system.

With digital signal processing, 5 parametric filters per output channel as well as up to 800 ms delay are available. In addition to both standard audio inputs, there is also a further audio input that is an alarm input with switchable priority. The unit is also prepared for the integration of pre-sets for specified speaker models.
The power amplifier section is designed as a linear servo amplifier based on an established design with a conventional power supply, and it achieves 2 x 1000 W at 4 ohms (IEC). All critical conditions are constantly monitored by the microprocessor to guarantee maximum system reliability. It is possible to monitor the connected speakers by load monitoring. Using an available extra option, it is also possible to monitor the speakers with pilot tones.
The power amplifier is equipped with an intelligent soft start and stand-by control and can be switched on with an external control command or an audio signal. The stand-by power consumption is less than 5 watts.

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