DIGIMIC now with voice activation

Brähler ICS Konferenztechnik has introduced selectable variable voice activation for the DIGIMIC product line at no additional cost. The VOX mode provides for automatic microphone on/off functions to be voice activated allowing hands free operation.

Two operating modes may be selected. One limits the number of microphones which can be open at once. The second allows an unlimited number of open microphones (VAU). In both modes the “push to talk” button now becomes a “mute” function to prevent bi-directional communication with the neighbour, which is intended for the public. In both modes the chairman may also be activated. Within these operating modes the sensitivity and decay time parameters are adjustable. The sensitivity threshold sets the response time of the microphone as it relates to the person speaking. The decay time determines how long the microphone remains active after the participant has finished speaking. Default settings are provided and are sufficient for most applications. 
The second voice activation setting (VAU) may also be used for court room applications. All functions are the same as the standard voice activation (VAL) but for court rooms some additional features are available.
The Chairman unit (DChair) is detected automatically, by using the “mute” button all microphones will be muted and it can send a “noise” signal to a specified output on the central control unit (DCen) and resulting in an existing audio signal being replaced. This feature is important when a particular dialogue is intended to be confidential. 
The VOX-modes may be used in the autonomous (DSpark) and / or in the “slave” combined system (DCen) operation. Any changes within the setting procedure are active immediately. The VOX-modes are available through out the entire DIGIMIC product line.

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