Digigram unveils V7 software for encoders/decoders

Digigram has announced its V7 software release for the AQILIM range of encoding and transcoding products and AQORD encoding/decoding products.

With the new V7 software release, users of Digigram's AQILIM *SERV/FIT, AQILIM *FIT, and AQILIM *FIT/LE encoding/transcoding solutions now can perform independent audio and video encoding.

By allowing encoded audio to be muxed using one or more separate containers, the update increases users' encoding flexibility, facilitating simpler and faster encoding of audio and video for a broader range of targets in a wider array of distribution applications.

Allowing AQILIM users to do more with their existing systems, independent audio encoding also simplifies and accelerates the preparation and streaming of video along with many different language tracks.

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