Digigram supports 64 stereo channels with IP audio codec

Digigram has released its IQOYA Serv/Link multichannel IP audio codec in a new 1-RU unit that supports up to 64 stereo channels.

The audio-over-IP system uses a single piece of equipment to send multiple audio programmes simultaneously to destinations such as FM transmitters, a DVB/cable operator, or Web radio CDNs .

Digigram’s upgraded model is available with analogue and AES/EBU I/O (up to eight stereo analogue I/O), AES/EBU-only I/O (up to 16 stereo analogue I/O), or MADI I/O (up to 64 stereo analogue I/O). The product also features up to 16 RS-232 ports and 16 GPIOs for auxiliary data tunnelling.

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