Digico launches DMI options at ISE 2019

Digico is expanding its DMI-AMM card, A3232 DMI for S-Series

The DMI-AMM (Automatic Mic Mixing) card allows up to 64 channels of automatic mic mixing on Digico’s SD7 Quantum and the SD12 console.

The DMI-AMM can be inserted on any input channel, both local or rack I/O, offering 64 channels of processing in both the SD7 Quantum and SD12 console. 

Two independent AMM’s are implemented, with channels assigned to A, B or neither, allowing two separate events to run simultaneously on the same console without interfering with the other. 

The A3232 DMI card can now be incorporated into S-Series consoles, allowing for 4REA4 I/O to be connected to the S-Series.

The S21-Stage48 and S31-Stage48 system are offered with 48 mic inputs from stage via three 168 stage racks.

Following Digico’s acquisition of KLANG:Technologies, both companies showcased the first stage of their control integration of immersive in-ear mixing at ISE 2019, with the complete integration to be shown at prolight+sound in April 2019.

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