Digico debuts V1742 software release for SD and Quantum consoles

Digico has announced its V1742 software release, enabling Quantum customers to access Pulse upgrades, with Klang KOS 5.5 integration for setup of immersive IEM mixing systems.

Digico’s version 1742 is designed for all SD and Quantum consoles, designed to offer Digico’s optional Pulse software extension, first announced in January 2024. Pulse increases the number of input channels, busses, and Mustard and Nodal processors.

The software enables Digico users to access Klang’s KOS 5.5 upgrade, permitting standalone console integration without requiring a separate Klang control PC to run Klang:app. A streamlined setup process automatically detects the console and reduces setup time, with other helpful amenities including automatic console aux and aux node mapping/naming, as well as automatic show file load and save.

Digico’s V1742 release also provides support for utilising an internal Fourier interface card, offering native worksurface control of Meyer Sound’s Spacemap Go and Adamson’s FletcherMachine.

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