DiGiCo and d&b add immersive audio to DiGiCo consoles

d&b audiotechnik has partnered with DiGiCo to advance the accessibility of the Soundscape immersive audio system.

The partnership will see the implementation of a dedicated Soundscape user interface integrated into the surface of all DiGiCo SD and Quantum consoles, allowing front-of-house engineers to control Soundscape object parameters on the DS100 on the consoles. 

New features are also included such as free assignment of DS100 sound objects and different mapping areas for each channel strip of the console, with all parameters and assignments of the Soundscape user interace stored and recalled with the console’s snapshot memory. 

The integration can also be expanded for bi-directional communication between the console and DS100 via the d&b software bridge, while also supporting setup with two DS100s. 

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