DigiBird announces fiber based work station KVM solution- UniStation

DigiBird announces fiber based work station KVM solution- UniStation

UniStation is an unified workstation management system created by DigiBird, it is designed to improve operators’ efficiency, ergonomics, and comfortability in the working area by providing the operator access to view and manage any source within the system via multiple monitors and singe Keyboard and Mouse set. 

UniStation, as the operator’s work station solution, provides a single, personalized, centralized, visualized view of any contents, as well as easy access to remote workstations or desktops. All of the resources are composed and displayed on the monitors in front of the operator, with 4 Multi-viewer or full screen displaying, which can be freely movable and sizable, switched or pushed to any other display location or the video wall. Without moving their seat, by the single keyboard/Mouse set, the operators will have a complete centralized overview of the situation, which optimizes them to work in comfortable, intuitive and effective way. 

With the KVM interaction, on each monitor, operator can call OSD menu, and slide mouse to preview source contents, switch sources, select work mode, and recall pre-saved presets, which provides a more productive way of collaboration with lower stress levels and better decision-making. 

Resources are transmitted over fiber optical without compression, to eliminate the concerns of image degradation. The system supports instant switching of resources among different computers without blank intervals.

The System also supports free mouse cursor slide among computers with different OS systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac and multi-head computers. 

Furthermore, it enhances the system security by physically separating operators from content host and user access level management.

For more information, please visit us: https://www.digibirdtech.com/products/c/281

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