Delta introduces Indoor LED FE Series

Delta has introduced the FE Series of indoor LED displays, with a set of pre-set size configurations of large format models in Full-HD and UHD.

The FE Series Fine Pitch Indoor LEDs offer a variety of tiles to fit different indoor project requirements.

Ideally suited to indoor signage as well as command and control environments, the FE Series offers 1.26, 1.58, 1.9 and 2.5mm pixel pitch, each calibrated to create consistent brightness and colour throughout the display area.

Delta Display Solutions now offers the LED cabinets in pre-determined sizes ranging from 110-in to 220-in in Full HD, and 220-in up to 440-in in UHD resolution.

Each unit is in an exact 16.9 aspect ratio which fits standard content supplied via a multitude of sources.

Delta’s FE Series offers optional ambient light adjustment, emitting a bright image no matter what the ambient factors are, such as bright, dark and variable lighting conditions.

Each LED module attaches magnetically to the cabinet for ease of installation and serviceability.

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