Dell launches first laser projector

Dell has introduced the Advanced Projector 7760, its first laser (lamp-free) projector. The 7760 is an improved, lamp-free version of the current 7700 FullHD projector, and is being aimed at usage in conference rooms and classrooms .

The Advanced Projector 7760 laser projector provides 5,400 lumens for a large-scale image in a wide range of lighting circumstances.

With LAN Display, users can present from any compatible device, including laptops, phones and tablets connected to the network, and can trade presentation duties throughout the course of a meeting. The projector also features two 10W speakers for on-board sound.

The Advanced Projector 7760 laser projector can fill large screen sizes (up 300 inches diagonally), making it suitable for halls and auditoriums with 20-plus people.

The Advanced Projector 7760 laser projector can be set to operate 24/7 and has 360-degree placement capabilities, so users can mount or place it in any position or angle.

The projector has 20,000 hours of laser life.

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