Defender cable protectors put focus on accessibility

Adam Hall Group brand Defender is launching the MIDI 5 2D series of traversable modular cable protectors.

The system is equipped with a middle section module (available in lengths of 50cm and 1m), a ramp, and an adapter set, which compatible with the MIDI 5 2D from the Defender MIDI 5 Series.

Every MIDI 5 2D middle section has a drive-over ramp with a 6-degree angle that can beAdam Hall Defender from side passed over completely. The flat incline of the MIDI 5 2D Series is designed for wheelchair users to roll over the protectors. They can also bear the weight of forklifts and trucks. The MIDI 5 2D Series also features the Defender LaserGrip surface.

The MIDI 5 2D modular system can be expanded both in length and width according to need. It has carrying handles for transport. The middle section has channels on the inside for laying sound, lighting, and power cables one by one.  

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