DbTechnologies unveils monitors and subs in Frankfurt

DbTechnologies launched three Flexsys stage monitors and two digital subwoofers at Prolight + Sound 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Comprising three models, FM8, FM10 and FM12, the new Flexsys range offers tailored monitoring solutions. Each of the active coaxial speakers is housed in a compact enclosure, which can be tilted at two different angles for accurate sound-to-audience alignment.

The FM8 is designed for small stages, and equipped with an 8” woofer and as such is the suitable for speech and vocals. The FM8's horn delivers a tighter coverage pattern, making the unit easy to align without interfering with other monitors' signals. FM10 has a 10” woofer and 200W of power. The FM12 features a 12” woofer and a 300W total power output.

The digital subwoofers, SUB 12D and SUB 05D, include an active crossover. dBTechnologies H.E.A.T (Hybrid Enclosure Advanced Technology) housings are used.

Equipped with a 400W/RMS digital power amp and a 12” woofer, the SUB 12D is designed to complement 8" or 10" speaker systems for small, assertive satellite systems. It features an integrated digital crossover (DSP) has adjustable frequency, compact proportions and weighs 19kg.

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