d&b audiotechnik launches ArrayCalc version 11.4

d&b audiotechnik has released ArrayCalc 11.4, offering a simplified interface function in conjunction with EASE 5, adding a more efficient workflow for modelling sound systems and room acoustics.

Users can now export XLD file formats with an extended set of information, facilitating the transfer of data from ArrayCalc 11.4 to EASE 5.

The latest release of ArrayCalc introduces an export feature designed for d&b system designs, consolidating relevant loudspeaker information into a single file. The XLD text file includes the loudspeaker GLL type, exact positioning, orientation, delay, and level information for each element of the sound system as configured in ArrayCalc.

The new functionality is being supported from the R60 update of EASE 5, released in February 2024.

Each individual point source item within the group is also exported, simplifying complex simulations.

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